30 May 2016

Човекът ИТ отдел в малкия бизнес

Предизвикателства пред бизнеса

(stay tuned for the English version)
Кои са 10-те най-често срещани проблема струпани върху самия ИТ специалист?
  1. Няма с кой да сподели и обсъди идеите си. Сверяване на часовника, но с кого? Най-често с доставчиците, но те са в опасното съчетание на роли – търговец и съветник. Те със сигурност ще го посъветват най-доброто, но оставя неясен въпроса за кой е най-доброто. За компанията за която работи ИТ специалиста, за него самия или за доставчика.
  2. Тестване на нови технологии е почти невъзможно поради липса на време и в повечето случай на ресурси. Винаги с приоритет е поддръжката на текущите ИТ услуги за потребителите.
  3. Внедряване на нови технологии обикновено е бавен процес. Новият проект изисква допълнителни ресурси, но ИТ специалистът е само един.

25 May 2016

Digital Disruption

Very short survival guide

Digital Disruption in the last years marked a shift in the collective consciousness of businesses. No longer was disruption a mythical buzz word concocted to stir up fear, but a general state of business reality in world governed by technology.
It’s like a democratization of experience. If you look at Uber, it allows everybody to have a limo service at a relatively inexpensive rate. Things that perhaps only the one percent could afford, are now being moved to the broader base through technology. You can call it disruption, give it different words, but what it’s doing is allowing everybody to purchase experiences that traditionally would have cost a lot of time and money. It’s not the same way of doing business, it’s certainly exciting times.
The term digital disruption has become

20 May 2016

Small businesses’ challenges consultants can help to overcome

Ready for a flight?

We live in interesting times, especially for small businesses. Consider that, in just less than 10 years, businesses have had to adapt to entirely new marketing channels through Internet as social networks, decide how to invest in and utilize new technologies, and compete on a local and now on a global stage — things that were barely imaginable to just a half generation ago. The small business yesterday is the new big online business today.
Obviously the rapid changes and growth is that no single

17 May 2016

Small Business Survival Guide

Only 10% of small businesses survive first five years, and again 10% of them will survive between next five years period. This data underscores that small business ownership is no cakewalk.
Beyond the classic entrepreneurial challenge of making and sustaining a profit, small business owners now struggle to find time and resources to adapt to new technology, say experts.
The pace of technological development is as staggering as the ever-changing ways that consumers engage and utilize it. To stay competitive to consumers and to employees,

9 May 2016

Remote Workplaces and the Cloud Technologies

Remote employees are no longer a future project – they are a reality for the last two decades. Despite an abundance of scepticism (and a few outright bans like Yahoo), researchers keep finding that remote workers are more productive, less likely to quit, and generally better at their jobs. While some still find it hard to cut their ties to the office, the trend toward more remote work is clear. You can save commuting time and costs and spend with a family instead.

2 May 2016

Business value in IT outsourcing

In simple language, outsourcing is the contracting out of a business function to an external supplier, involving the transfer of people as resources and capabilities, processes and assets. This contracting out can be undertaken at either an on-shore or off-shore location, and to one (single-sourced) or more (multi-sourced) outsourcing partners. Outsourcing is most mature in the Information Technology sector although it is increasingly developing to include a wide range of business processes.